Voyages du Lieutenant Henri Timberlake, qui fut Charge, dans l'annee 1760, de Conduire in Angleterre Trois Sauvages, de la Tribu des Cherokees

Voyages du lieutenant Henri Timberlake, qui fut charge, dans l'annee 1760, de conduire in Angleterre trois sauvages, de la tribu des Cherokees; renfermant des details interessans sur cette peuplade d'habitans du Nord de L'Amerique, sur leurs moeurs, leurs usages, leur forme de gouvernement, leurs principes religieux et politiques [AND] Histoire des Oracles; Poesies Pastorales

Henry Timberlake; Jean Baptiste Louis Joseph Billecocq; Le Suire; Cioranescu; Bernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle

Paris, Impr. de Hautbout l'aine, an v, 1797

[The French and Indian War: Cherokee Indians] 3 works bound as one.  12mo (15 cm).  Bound in contemporary 1/4 calf.  [2], viii, 187, [1] pages. Lacking frontispiece.  Early ink doodle on verso of title page (lion?), but clean besides. French translation by Billecocq, of the 1765 London edition of "The memoirs of Lieut. Henry Timberlake."   Timberlake was a Virginian from Hanover county, who fought for the English against the Cherokees in the French and Indian War.  Tensions had been raised by the execution of 22 Cherokee in South Carolina in 1760 at Fort Prince George.  As a result, Overhill Cherokee attempted to expel British settlers.  Timberlake was part of Colonel William Byrd / Adam Stephen's forces sent to suppress the Americas Indians in the Virginia / Tennessee region. Timberlake served as a lieutenant and a hostage to the Cherokees in 1761-1762 and visited many of their settlements.  Later he was accompanied by three Cherokee leaders, including the Chief Ostenaco, on a diplomatic mission to England.  The mission met with King George III and attempted to halt westward expansion by British colonists.  One a second mission to England in 1765, Timberlake was imprisoned for debts owed for the lodging in London.  He presumably wrote this journal while in debtor's jail and died in prison in 1765.  His journal was published posthumously. His accounts of the Cherokee provide an early and fairly accurate depiction of the people before their displacement.  Sabin 95837.   

Also includes two other works bound with this one: M. de Fontenelle, "Histoire des Oracles," "Poesies Pastorales." [2], 212, 142 pages. [London], 1785;  "Confessions de Clement Marot." [6], 197 pages. Paris, 1798.

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