Of Blood and Hope

Posted by Critten 03/07/2021 0 Comment(s)

"Perhaps a man who cheated death the way I did, and savored the intoxicating luxury of freedom, is fated to live his days without an outer skin.  But sometimes, at the moments of dark premonition, I see in the images of political helplessness, hysterical mobs, religious fanaticism, refugee boats, and mushroom clouds, the vision of a global Auschwitz.  At such times, against my profound commitment to calm reason, against my love of life, against my confidence in man, I feel as though in that indescribable period when a man-made typhoon shattered my world, my family, my existence and my mind... I experienced what is yet to come." - Samuel Pisar.


Pisar was a Polish-American holocaust survivor.  We recently acquired a copy of his book.  It tells an intensely personal story of the holocaust.

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