A Collection of German ledgers from the Rhineland. Hauptbuch - (7 volumes) (1850-1935) (Weimer Republic Inflation)

A Collection of German ledgers from the Rhineland. Hauptbuch - (7 volumes) (1850-1935) (Weimer Republic Inflation)

Johann Jakob Langin ?; Unknown

Published by Rheinpfalz / Oberweiler, Germany ?, 1850. -1935.

 (7 volumes in folio). Manuscript account books.

All volumes are written in exceedingly neat script with the customer's full name at the top of the entry, a purchase date, the item, and a running ledger. May additional notes and entries. All pages are clean, white and undamaged. A superb collection of German economic history in the Rhineland. This is a unique collection, please ask questions if you wish to have additional information.

The seven volumes include:

1) Haupt Buch 1850 ? 1878. 1/4 leather binding over marbled boards.;

2) Haupt Buch 1850 -1887, 1/4 leather binding over marbled boards. Stamped Johann Jakob Langin, Oberweiler on front end page. Includes related ephemera. 6 loose letters (rechnung - some of which are bills) from 1856-1876 (some stamped) addressed to Johann Jakob Langin, Oberweiler (Germany). According to Ortsfamilien-Datenbank Buggingen, Langin was born in 1824 in Buggingen and died in 1901 in Oberweiler. ;

3) Kassa Konto, 1910 -1912 bound in suede leather;

4) Red leather spine label over suede-style cloth binding, 1901. Lovely engraved heraldic eagle on end pages.;

5) Cassa-Buch. Folio. Green cloth binding with leather cover label. 1912-1929. Includes a variety of ephemera, ink blotters, calendar pages from 1890s, photo of coffee growing area of Kilimanjaro, nice broadside (?) for J. Neubauer & Co. Neustadt A.D. Haardt. (Rheinpfalz) Includes terrific inflation entries during the Weimar years;

6) Largest volume, bound in smooth cloth. Large add tipped in for J. Neubauer & Co. Neustadt a. d. Haardt (Rheinpfalz) 1909-1930. Marbled edges. Lovely engraved heraldic eagle on end pages. A quite astounding entry on p. 128 shows the progression of an account from January 1923 to December, 1923. For example one account started with 7094.758 marks and ended with 1572346400935.29 marks. The extraordinary inflation experienced in the Weimar Republic (where prices doubled every two days) is clearly and neatly shown in this ledger. This extreme inflation resulted in the collapse of the German economy and helped set the stage for the rise of Hitler and the Nazi regime. An illustrative piece of German economic history.

7) Large green cloth folio, entries 1927-1935.

These are oversized and heavy books, that requires additional postage for international delivery outside the US.

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