A Collection of Valuable Ancient Sermons, 1651 - 1678 (Sammelband volume of 9 Sermons)

A Collection of Valuable Ancient Sermons, 1651 - 1678 (Sammelband volume of 9 Sermons)

John Owen; William Jenkyn; Edward Reynolds; Richard Baxter; Thomas Hodges; Matthew Poole; Edmund Calamy; Matthew Mead; William Lloyd

Various, 1651

[Nine 17th Century English Sermons]  Hardcover. Good binding and cover. Library stamps from the Bridgeport, CT reading room. Includes related marginalia. 

Contents:   [1]. The labouring saints dismission to rest. A sermon / preached at the funeral of the Right Honourable Henry Ireton Lord Deputy of Ireland: in the Abbey Church at Westminster, the 6th. day of February 1651. By John Owen, minister of the Gospel. Licensed and entered according to order, by  John Owen, Printed by R. and W· Leybourn, for Philemon Stephens, at the Gilded Lion in Pauls Church, 1652.  [2], 24 pages.  [2]. The policy of princes in subjection to the Son : explained and applied in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Parliament in Margarets Westminster, on Wednesday the 24th of Sept. 1656, being the day of their publick fast; by William Jenkyn; Printed by A.M. for Samuel Gellebrand, London.  [4], 47 p.   [3]. The means and method of healing in the church. Set forth in a sermon preached before the right honourable in the House of Peers in Westminster Abby, April 30, 1660, being a day of solemn humiliation to seek God for his blessing on the counsels of the Parliament; Edward Reynolds; T. Ratcliffe for G. Thomason, London.   2 preliminary leaves, 42 pages 19 cm.   [4]. A sermon of repentance preached before the honourable House of Commons, assembled in Parliament at Westminster, at their late solemn fast for the setling of these nations, April 30, 1660 / by Richard Baxter.  [6], 47 p.    [5]. Sions halelujah : set forth in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable House of Peers, in the abbie church of Westminster, on Thursday June 28. Being the day of publick thanksgiving to almighty God for his Majesties safe return.  By Thomas Hodges, 1660;  Best, for Andrew Crook, at the Green-Dragon in St. Pauls Church-yard, London, 1660.  [2], 22 p.   [6]. Evangelical worship is spiritual worship : as it was discussed in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Maior, at Pauls Church, Aug. 26. 1660. By Matthew Poole minister of the Gospel at Michael Quern in London; Matthew Poole; Sa. Thomson at the Bishops-head in Pauls Church-yard, London 1660;  [6], 24 pages.   [7]. A sermon preached at Aldermanberry Church, Dec. 28, 1662 in the fore-noon; Edmund Calamy; Oxford, 1663.  25 p.   [8]. Solomon's prescription for the removal of the pestilence, or, The discovery of the plague of our hearts, in order to the healing of that in our flesh; Matthew Mead; London, 1665. [6], 89 p.   [9]. A sermon at the funeral of Sr Edmund-Bury Godfrey : one of His Majesties justices of the peace, who was barbarously murthered; William Lloyd; Tho. Newcomb, for Henry Brome at the Gun, at the west-end of St. Pauls, London, MDCLXXVIII [1678], [2], 42 p.   ESTC R20443.

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