A Monograph of the Culicidae, or Mosquitoes: Mainly Compiled from the Collections Received at the British Museum from Various Parts of the World

A monograph of the culicidae, or mosquitoes : mainly compiled from the collections received at the British Museum from various parts of the world in connection with the investigation into the cause of malaria conducted by the colonial office and the royal society (6 volume set)

Frederick Vincent Theobald; British Museum (Natural History). Department of Zoology

British Museum (Natural History), 1901

[A rare and important monograph on Mosquitos : The Control of Malaria : Tropical Medicine] 6 volume set. Octavos, 23 cm.  Bound in publisher's cloth. Hardcover. Good binding and cover. Clean, unmarked pages. 424 + 391 + 359, 17 photographic plates + 639, 15 photographic plates + 646, 6 photographic plates + plate volume (37 color plates, photographic plates showing wing scales).  The atlas contains the plates of v. 1-2. 

Theobald was the "distinguished authority on mosquitoes."

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