The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romanes

The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romanes

 Plutarch.; Jacques Amyot; Thomas North, Sir; T L Poulton

The Nonesuch Press, 1929

5 volume set. 32 cm. Limited ed. of 1,050 Copies. Bound in publisher's brown cloth with printed spine labels. Hardcover. Good binding and cover. Clean, unmarked pages. "This edition of North's translation Amyot's French version of Plutarch's Lives is printed from the first edition (1579) with the addition of 15 lives from the third edition (1603). It is limited to 1050 copies for sale in England and 500 copies for sale in the United States of America by Random house. The text has been printed by Bishop and Garrett and William Brendon and sons in Monotype Fournier; the illustrations, by T.L. Poulton, have been printed by the Curwen press: the whole on Arches paper."  

Contents: V. 1. Theseus, Romulus, Lycurgus, Numa Pompilius, Solon, Publicola, Themistocles, Furius Camillus, Pericles, Fabius Maximus, Alcibiades, Coriolanus. --v. 2. Paulus Aemylius, Timoleon, Pelopidas, Marcellus, Aristides, Marcus Cato, Philopoemen, T.Q. Flaminius, Pyrrus, Caius Marius, Lysander, Sylla. --v. 3. Cimon, Lucullus, Nicias, Marcus Crassus, Sertorius, Eumenes, Agesilaus, Pompeius, Alexander, Julius Caesar. --v. 4. Phocion, Cato Utican, Agis & Cleomenes, the Gracchi, Demosthenes, Cicero, Demetrius, M. Antonius, Artaxerxes, Dion, Marcus Brutus. --v. 5. Aratus, Galba, Otho, Annibal, Scipio African, Epaminondas, Philip of Macedon, Dionysius, Caesar Augustus, Plutarch, Seneca, nine excellent chieftaines. <br> This is an oversized or heavy book, which requires additional postage for international delivery outside the US.

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