Medieval Towns Series (Mediaeval, 10 volume set)

 Medieval Towns Series (Mediaeval, 10 volume set)

Helen M. James; Thomas Okey; Nelly Erichsen; Katharine Kimball; Margaret Symonds; G. R. Stirling-Taylor; etc.

J.M. Dent & Co., 1905

10 volume set. Bound in publisher's blue cloth, with gilt trim and lettering.  Hardcover.  Good binding and cover. Clean, unmarked pages.  

Contents: V.1. The Story of PERUGIA, Margaret Symonds and Lina Duff Gordon; Helen M. James (1912); v.2. The Story of NUREMBERG, Cecil Headlam; Helen M. James (1912); v.3. The Story of FLORENCE, Edmund G. Gardner; Nelly Erichsen (1911); v.4. The Story of ROME, Norwood Young; Nelly Erichsen (1919); v.5. The Story of CHARTRES, Cecil Headlam; Herbert Railton (1908); v.6. The Story of SEVILLE, Walter M. Gallichan; Elizabeth Hartley (1925); v.7. The Story of VENICE, Thomas Okey; Nelly Erichsen (1905); v.8. The Story of PARIS, Thomas Okey; Katharine Kimball (1906); v.9. The Story of AVIGNON, Thomas Okey; Percy Wadham (1911); v.10. The Story of CANTERBURY, G. R. Stirling-Taylor; Katharine Kimball (1912).   Printed 1905-1925.  <br> “This series was inspired by travels that J. M. Dent had enjoyed during the 1890’s.  "J.M. Dent Books: Three New Checklists for Booksellers and Collectors," Craig Stark,  #139, 2 November 2009.  "Guidebooks, books for the study, and books for reference, and at the same time little galleries of art." - Illustrated London News.  "For the library they are a perfection, a pleasure to handle, as they are also a pleasure to read." - Daily Telegraph.

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