A brief history of ancient and modern India

A brief history of ancient and modern India,: From the earliest periods of antiquity to the termination of the late Mahratta war [BOUND WITH] Picturesque Scenery in the Kingdom of Mysore from forty drawings taken on the spot

Blagdon, Francis William; James Hunter

Edward Orme, 1805.

2 volumes bound as one.  Blagdon's Brief History of Ancient and Modern India + Hunter's Picturesque Scenery in the Kingdom of Mysore.  One of the finest of the early color plate books of India. Oblong folio, 44 x 56 cm. 3/4 red moroccan leather over red boards.  Good binding and cover.  Top edge gilt.   64 hand-colored aquatinted plates. + 2 letterpress titles, 2 engraved titles. Plates and text in fresh condition. The A Choultry plate has some marginal wear, small tears along bottom edge.  Foxing to printed title.  Blank margin corner torn from the Royal Artillery Encampment plate.  Explorers Club blind stamp to title. 

Edward Orme, the noted engraver, was the printseller to George III and IV.   He was one of "the most important publisher of illustrated books during the short golden age of the coloured aquatint," John Maggs, ODNB, 2006.  His brother, William, served as Solicitor to the East Indian Company.  Orme published both Hunter and Blagdon's work.  The work is illustrated by William Orme, James Hunter, J.C. Stadler, H. Merke, J. B. Harraden, Francis Swann Ward, William Daniell, etc.  Refs: Abbey Travel 424; Tooley, R.V. Coloured plates (1979 ed.), 93 and 275; Lipperheide 147, Martin Hardie pp. 131-2; Colas 1508.  

Provenance: Explorers Club (NYC) book plate inside cover, stating gift from the Chief of the Clan Fhearghuis of Stra-chur and of Clann Alpein.  Armorial bookplate of Seamus Clannfhearghuis. Seamus (1879-1961) was a noted explorer and descendant of Gaellic Kings of Scotland and Ireland.  "The chief, an explorer, military cartographer and ethnologist, represented the fifty-first generation of his clan. Its Anglicized version is Clan Ferguson. During World War I he was an officer in the British Frontiersmen in Africa. He once crossed the Sahara on foot, a mapmaking and battle journey that took two and a half years. He was decorated for his services in Palestine." - NYT Obit, 1961. 

Collated. Plates in order:

1. Frontispiece;

2. The Native Judges and Officers of the Court of the Recorder. Bombay (6 figs) (hand-colored stipple-engraved);

3. Twenty Four Views in Hindostan, Frontispiece;

4. The Palace of the late Nabob of Arcot; 5

. A view from the King's Barracks, Fort St. George;

6. A view of part of St. Thome Street, Fort St. George;

7. A view in the North Street of Fort St. George;

8. Fort Square, from the South side of the Parade, Fort St. George;

9. A view within the walls of a Pagoda, Madras;

10. South East view of the rock of Tritchinopoly;

11. A Choultry. A place of worship carved out of rock;

12. A view of Ossoore;

13. Thebet Mountains;

14. West Gate of Firoz Sha's Cotillah, Delhi;

15. Anchshur, a Vakeel's Castle, in the Territory of Bengal;

16. A Pagoda;

17. A Hindoo Place of Worship;

18. Dalmow, on the Ganges;

19. Fortress of Gwallior;

20. The Old Court House, Calcutta;

21. The Bridge at Juonpore, Bengal;

22. Distant view of Mootee Thurna, a Waterfall in the Rajemahl Hills, Bengal;

23. Multura Fort;

24. The Tomb of a Moorish Lady, Bengal;

25. The Burial Place of a Peer Zada, Anopther;

26. Felicity Hall, late residence of the Hon. David Anstruther, near Moorshedabad, Bengal;

27. Kuttull Minor, Delhi.  Picturesque Scenery in the Kingdom of Mysore: 

28. Frontispiece. Tippoo Sultan;

29. Seringapatam; 30. Hyder Ally's Tomb, Seringapatam;

31. A Mosque at Seringapatam;

32. Music Gallery at the entrance of the Mosque, Seringapatam;

33. Garden Gate, Laul Baugh, Seringapatam;

34. Hyder Ally Khan's own Family Tomb, at Colar;

35. East view of Bangalore, with the Cypress Garden, from a Pagoda;

36. North front of Tippoo's Palace, Bangalore;

37. West front of Tippoo's Palace, Bangalore;

38. A Street leading to the Palace of Bangalore;

39. The Square and entrance into Tippoo's Palace, Bangalore;

40. North entrance of Tippoo's Palace at Bangalore;

41. The Mysore Gate at Bangalore;

42. The North entrance into the Fort of Bangalore;

43. The Delhi Gate of Bangalore;

44. The South entrance into the Fort of Bangalore;

45. The Third Delhi Gate of Bangalore;

46. A Moorish Mosque at Bangalore;

47. A view of Mount St. Thomas, near Madras;

48. The Royal Artillery Encampment, Arcot;

49. A Pagoda at Strupermador;

50. A Mosque at Strupermador;

51. A view on the road at Strupermador;

52. Overflowing of the Tank, at Strupermador;

53. A view of Ouscottah, from an Eadgah;

54. Killader's Tomb, Ouscottah;

55. Kistnaghurry;

56. East view of Kistnaghurry;

57. N.W. angle of Osar;

58. South East angle of Osar;

59. North view of Shole Ghurry;

60. East view of Shole Ghurry, from the Camp at Arnee;

61. Ourry Durgam, the head of the pass into the Barrah Mauhl;

62. A view in the Barrah Mauhl;

63. A view from the Royal Artillery Encampment, Conjeveram;

64. A view from the Royal Artillery Encampment, Conditore;

65. A view of Ootra Droog; 66. Nabobs Choultry & Tank, at Conjeveram;

67. A house at Bankipore, the residence of William Hunter Esq.;

68. Commillah, late the residence of John Buller Esq.

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